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About this project

Velas Account is a decentralized solution for authorization with blockchain services designed to remove entry barriers.

Users can get rid of the tedious sign-in process (passwords, seed phrases, and installing third-party applications), which directly affects conversion rates and improves the user experience. Our system works as a stand-alone web platform, so there's no need for third-party software anymore. Users don't have to waste time-saving passwords and seed phrases. Flexible settings for permissions and sessions allow you to control interactions with applications, and cross-cutting transactions help you avoid multiple confirmations and signings.

Velas Account does not collect or store personal data, maintaining the principles of decentralization.

Integration of Velas Account with the project is highly optimized and simplified.
P2E games can finally do the main thing - entertain, instead of forcing users to deal with a bunch of complex terms and interfaces.

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