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Minimum purchase

$50 USD


3.5% - 5%


How to buy $VLX

Get wallet

Select and sign-up for a cryptocurrency wallet that supports $VLX.

Select amount

Select amount of $VLX coins to purchase. Enter your $VLX address.

Pass KYC

Complete KYC steps.


See the updated balance in your wallet and start using VLX coins.

Price Rank#671



24h Vol: $0 | MCap: $18.0M

Updated at 15:29:50 GMT

Active Stake

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Delinquent stake: 1.5%

Trading Volume


Market Cap ↓ -4.59%



Which wallets support $VLX?


Сurrently, Velas network is < a href supported by the following wallets :

  • MetaMask ─ VLX EVM / VLX BEP-20 / VLXERC-20
  • Trust Wallet ─ VLX BEP-20 / VLXERC-20
  • Trezor ─ VLX EVM (With Metamask extention)
  • CoolWallet ─ VLX BEP-20
  • Trustee ─ VLX EVM
  • CoinPayments ─ VLX EVM / VLX NATIVE
  • Bitkeep ─ VLX EVM

How to find the $VLX exchange rate?

You can view the VLX exchange rate at Coingecko or CoinMarketCap.

Why do I have to pass KYC?

It is necessary for crypto exchanges to achieve full KYC compliance with AML regulations. This way, platforms assist the prevention of various criminal initiatives, e.g., terrorist funds and money laundering (attempts at concealing the initial source of finances obtained in an illegal manner).

Where is $VLX stored after exchange?

The main place to store your VLX is your Velas wallet, where you can put the tokens to good use and delegate them to earn rewards. However, it is completely up to you where to store your tokens, you may pick from among any available wallets and exchanges.

Why do I see different versions of the Velas token?


Since Velas is a hybrid blockchain, there are two types of VLX:

  • VLX Native can be used in the native Velas network for support and staking;
  • VLX EVM is available in the EVM part and Ethereum network, as well as for swapping with ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens.

What is Velas ($VLX)?


About Velas

Velas is the fastest EVM Blockchain enabling up to 75,000 transactions per second, processed instantly, with highest security available, at almost no cost. The Velas Ecosystem allows users to easily experience decentralised, open-source products built on the Velas blockchain.


VLX in Circulation

Velas relies on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus, providing participants with the most favorable conditions for interaction with each other and motivate them to act for the benefit of the network. Total Supply - 2,124,380,663 VLX Circulating Supply - 2,124,380,663 VLX Inflation Rate - 8%


VLX Use Cases

The Velas (VLX) token is used for transactions, payments, fees and for supporting the Proof-of-Stake consensus. Staking allows block producers (validators and their delegators) to provide transaction consensus and receive staking rewards for honest block production.


How is the VLX secured?

Velas blockchain is based on a high-performance protocol, which implements an innovative time architecture, transaction processing mechanism, and a more efficient consensus model compared to other blockchains. Velas is a full hybrid EVM/ eBPF chain of Solana and Ethereum, that inherited the best from both: security, scalability, high performance, 1.2 sec finality, extremely low fees and EVM/Solidity support.

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