Velas and Metaforra Unite to Revolutionize Gaming with Blockchain Integration


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7 Aug 2023



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7 Mar 2024


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A Confluence of Blockchain and the iGaming Industry

Dive into the dynamic merger of blockchain & iGaming! 💡 Explore how this tech fusion is reshaping our virtual realms. Ready to level up? Click to unravel! 🔗🕹



11 Aug 2023

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Velas and Metaforra, a cutting-edge multichain gaming project. In this collaboration, Metaforra's native token will soon be supported by Velas blockchain, creating a robust liquidity pool. Both Velas and Metaforra are dedicated to providing a plethora of activities for the Velas community, redefining the gaming landscape.

Metaforra: Redefining Gaming with a Play & Earn Ecosystem

METAFORRA is a revolutionary Play & Earn ecosystem that is reshaping the gaming industry by offering an exciting array of cross-platform games complemented by a cutting-edge NFT marketplace! Immerse yourself in captivating gameplay while simultaneously earning valuable rewards and taking full control of your virtual possessions. Embracing blockchain technology, METAFORRA ensures secure asset ownership and provenance, fostering trust and transparency within our community. Together with Velas, we forge an unparalleled era where gaming and blockchain converge harmoniously, offering players an unforgettable gaming experience like never before.


The partnership between Velas and Metaforra represents a powerful fusion of innovation and vision, propelling us towards redefining the very boundaries of gaming. By joining forces, we aim to provide players with not just entertainment, but also a profound sense of empowerment over their digital assets.

Experience the advantages of Velas' cutting-edge technology, where low transaction fees and lightning-fast speeds are at the core of our commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for all. This ensures that each gaming project thrives, captivating players and boosting the project's popularity within the gaming community.

So, join Velas now and embrace this thrilling journey into the future, where gaming and blockchain converge harmoniously. Together, we will shape a new era of gaming, setting unprecedented standards in the industry.

Embark on this extraordinary journey with Velas, and let's create a gaming experience like never before! 🚀🎮

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